Our Space

Visit the biggest bar and oldest building in downtown Lake Charles.

Drink & Eat

Enjoy regular drink specials and deceptively healthy food.

Music & Events

Listen to mainstream music you love and bands so cool you probably haven't heard of them.

Want to Have Fun in Lake Charles, LA?

Visit a local bar, event venue, game room and concert hall

If you're clueless about things to do in Lake Charles, LA, you need to stop at the local bar. No matter what day of the week you visit Zephyr's, you'll find drink specials, bar games and delicious food. You can also count on us to keep you entertained with live music, comedians and the occasional open mic night.

Your search for a lit bar with live music in the Lake Charles, LA area is complete. Come in and kick it with us today.

3 reasons to choose your local bar and grill

Deciding between a chain sports bar and your hometown bar and grill? When you visit a local bar like Zephyr's...


You're supporting a local business: Franchise bars can be a hoot, but one of the best ways to support your local economy is by visiting a small bar.


You can hear fresh, local music: Zephyr's is proud to host some big names, but we also give up-and-coming artists the spotlight.


You'll experience a unique atmosphere: You just can't find a melting pot like this in a franchise sports bar.

Next time your friends are looking for an upbeat bar and grill or bar with live music, you'll know just where to bring them.